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Duets and Trios


- Format : Duet

With a sweet, flaming voice and a guitar that follows the game, this subtle and elegant duet is presented.

Styles like Rumba, Bosanova to cover classics like Kiko Veneno, Jorge Drexler, Ketama and even Michael Jackson.


- Format : Trio / Quartet

Enjoy a review of national and international hits now and forever.

Palo Syrup, Fito, Last in a Row, Sau, Nin Bravo combined with Police, Queen, Chuck Berry or Stevie Wonder.

A good night to sing and share.



- Format : Duet / Trio / Band

Enjoy a real party party with the classics of Catalan rumba and other surprises.

The songs of a lifetime from the best known rums like Peret, Els Manolos, Los Amaya or Sabor de Gràcia.

A night of energy and good vibes that will lift you from your chair, move your hips and not be able to stop dancing to the rhythm of the fan.

I came to sweat the bacon with The Fine Gypsy, A tear or the Living Dead ... that he was not dead, he was in the parranda.


- Format : Duet / Trio

This is a Rockabilly, Country and Blue Grass concert, one of the first classic Rock and Roll sub-genres to emerge in the United States.

A trip through the 50 with music full of rhythm and energy.

Characteristic instruments such as the guitar, double bass or banjo achieve the sound of this American style.


- Format : Duet

A review of the classics of Soul, R&B and Funk.

The best repertoire of black music with a vocalist reincarnated with Stevie Wonder.

Apart from Soul, the repertoire includes some Blues, Funk and Rock classics.

A gig full of groove!


- Format : Duet / Trio / Band

Get ready to venture into the depths of the SABINA world.

We will enjoy a review of his dense career, with the latest successes but also present his beginnings.

With topics as well as 19 days and 500 nights, Princess, La Pirata Cojo or Contigo we will make a trip to the songbook of the Andalusian singer-songwriter.

Get carried away by the music and poetry of Joaquín Sabina.

Come and enjoy an authentic unforgettable Sabinera Night !!!


- Format : Duet

Blues and humor are mixed in this original proposal that will not leave you indifferent.

Blues and Rock and Roll classics with tailor-made lyrics that tell fun stories that probably happened to you as well.
Rumba, Bosanova y otros
Hits de ahora y de siempre
Rumba Catalana
Swing / Rockabilly
Clásicos del Soul
Blues y Humor
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