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Catalan Rumba Night

Get ready to live an authentic party with Aires de Rumba. Enjoy the classics of Catalan rumba and other surprises.

Catalan rumba is a musical genre born in the gypsy community of Barcelona and specifically in the neighborhoods of Gràcia and Hostalfrancs, in the mid-60's, catching on rhythms that come from flamenco with influences of Cuban music and rock and roll.

The songs of the well-known rumbers like Peret, the Manolos, the Amaya, Sabor de Gracia and also of other formation that have left their mark on like the Gypsy Kings or El Gato Pérez.

A night of energy and good vibes that will lift you from your chair, move your hips and not be able to stop dancing to the rhythm of the Ventilador.

I came to sweat the bacon with El Gitano Fino, Una lágrima o el Muerto Vivo ... that he was not dead, he was in the "parranda".

Custom format: 2 to 10 musicians