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C'est Si Bon, is an evocation of the principles of swing.

Three harmonious voices formed by Eva Álvarez, Carrie Lewis and Emi Bueno, which during the show will transport us from the 30's to the 50's, a creative and very glamorous age, where new rhythms were born.

They play pure swing and American jazz styles and postwar Europe themes, in their original languages, which make the show a nostalgic trip that you won't forget.

Examples of repertoire:
Mr Sadman
In the mood
Sing, Sing, Sing
I get a kick out of you
This is if Bon
Don't be Cruel
I wanna be Love by you
I don't mean a thing

Training of 5 to 8 musicians:
Voice Contraalt: Carrie Lewis
Mezzo Voice: Eva Alvarez
Soprano Voice: Emi Bueno
Guitar: Neter Calafati
Double bass player: David Moroccan
Trumpet: Nicolás Rugolino
Sax: Walter Mendoza
Drums: Josep Armengol